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Artist. Songwriter. Performer.


Lebanese native Amèlle, immigrated to Canada at the tender age of 7 with her family to escape the war. 
Unable to speak English, Amèlle turned to music’s inspiration to help teach herself the English language. Her first talent show was at the age of 7 and from then she continued to enter school choirs, school bands, talent shows and dance competitions. 
Growing up in an Arabic Muslim house hold wasn’t always easy for Amèlle as her views didn’t always line up with that of her family.
Amèlle was 14 when she bravely told her parents about her dreams of becoming a full time artist, not knowing if they would support her, she was happy when her father agreed to take her to her first studio session.

Amèlle ORIGINAL aRT cOUTURE is Amèlle’s creative expression that displays her art for merchandise! 

Leaving home at the age of 16 forced Amèlle to put her dreams aside to survive financially. Her vocal coaching sessions also stopped due to her moving away, but even with all the obstacles the music business always called her back and she found herself searching for producers and studio space in every city she moved to. Facing many challenges inspired her even more to fight for her dreams and never give up on her vision of sharing her music with the world. 

This isn’t reality this is fantasy - Amèlle

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